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Record Epub book

Open a ePub book and narrate it. Use both manual punch in recording and punch in with pre-roll.

Record ePub in Narration view

Open a ePub book and narrate it using the Narration View. Use both manual punch in recording and navigation in text.

Re-record selection in manuscript

Re-record selection in manuscript 

Create structure & record

Create structure for a physical book and record the narration. Set Headings and rename them. Record with punch in from both the Manuscript view and the Narration view.

View mode

View Mode. Use the view mode to get a better overview of the audio. All, Branch & Leaf mode will be explained in the tutorial.

Editing in view mode

See how you can re-record a selection in Leaf Mode. Also learn how to trim audio, delete silence, edit text and split audio

Sync text & audio 1

Synchronise audio and text. Manually set navigation points that link text and audio.

Sync text & audio 2

Synchronise audio and text 2. Use TAB and Hindenburg ABC will guess the next location for the navigation point based on the text.

Customising styles

Customise the book bar to fit your needs.
Rename entries. Move, delete and hide entries.

Book export settings

Set up the export settings for DAISY 2.02, Epub 3 & Audio books. 
Set the audio format, quality & split-level.

Book export

Export the finished book in a number of different formats. DAISY 2.02, Epub 3, NLS DTB, Audio book.


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