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Auto level

How auto levels work and how to apply them. Loudness meter and EBU R 128

Voice Profiler

The Voice Profiler in Hindenburg Journalist ensures consistent sound (eq)


Equalizer, compressor, loudness meter and BBC meter and Third Party Plugins

Noise reduction

Noise reduction is an effect that can help reduce noise in your audio recordings. 

Record Epub book

Open a ePub book and narrate it. Use both manual punch in recording and punch in with pre-roll.

Record ePub in Narration view

Open a ePub book and narrate it using the Narration View. Use both manual punch in recording and navigation in text.

Re-record selection in manuscript

Re-record selection in manuscript 

Create structure & record

Create structure for a physical book and record the narration. Set Headings and rename them. Record with punch in from both the Manuscript view and the Narration view.

View mode

View Mode. Use the view mode to get a better overview of the audio. All, Branch & Leaf mode will be explained in the tutorial.

Editing in view mode

See how you can re-record a selection in Leaf Mode. Also learn how to trim audio, delete silence, edit text and split audio

Sync text & audio 1

Synchronise audio and text. Manually set navigation points that link text and audio.

Sync text & audio 2

Synchronise audio and text 2. Use TAB and Hindenburg ABC will guess the next location for the navigation point based on the text.

Customising styles

Customise the book bar to fit your needs.
Rename entries. Move, delete and hide entries.

Book export settings

Set up the export settings for DAISY 2.02, Epub 3 & Audio books. 
Set the audio format, quality & split-level.

Book export

Export the finished book in a number of different formats. DAISY 2.02, Epub 3, NLS DTB, Audio book.


Understand the basics of a region. Move, trim and gain a region.

Snap Regions

Snap the regions to point of interest; playhead, markers, end lines.. 

Select a region or regions and hold shift + cmd + arrow keys (Apple) or shift + ctrl + arrow keys (windows) 

Region Cut

The Cut edit will only affect the region - not the entire track. 

When working on larger projects it can be tricky to edit without messing up you sync. Region Cut is one way of dealing with that. See how it works ...

Fades 1

Create fades and cross fades. Adjust fades on two regions at once.

Fades 2

Create fades and cross fades with shortcuts. Also make fades over multiple regions.

Fades 3 - duck

Learn how to “Duck” the music underneath the narration. Adjust “Duck” in real time.

Fades 4 - soundbed

Create a soundbed with the “Slope” function.

in & out markers

Create a selection. Use in & out markers. Remove a selection.

Marquee selection

Use the Marquee tool to select regions in Hindenburg. 

Hold shift and drag a Marquee over the desired regions. 


Set the gain of a region using: mouse, keyboard or automation.

Low levels!

Sometimes a recording is too low. Learn how to gain the levels so the auto level again works.

Export selection

Export (bounce) only parts of your segment

"Duck" over multiple regions

Learn how to create a “duck” fade over multiple region

Rehearse clip

Rehearse the edit before doing the edit. Playback and hear the edit before you cut out the selection.

Play selection

Playback the selected selection. The selection will loop back. Adjust the in and out markers.

Pick Up Recording

Pick up recording is used for re-recording mistakes. Typically it is used when recording narration. Place the playhead and hear a pre-roll before recording

Punch In Recording

Punch in is used for re-recording mistakes. Typically it is used when recording narration. Rewind and playback. Then Punch in to re-record.


How to add a master-track and apply volume changes and effects to the entire session. 

Making my voice sound good!

Have you ever wondered what an equaliser did and what a compressor was. 

Have you ever had some background noise that you could not get rid of? 

In this tutorial we take a quick look at how you can improve the sound of your home recording. 

See a few goods trick for things to do … and not to do, when voice tracking. 

Keyset management

Learn how you send out licenses from your keyset. 

Add the wording to the mail that will be sent out and manage the users. 

Administer your keyset.

Relink Audio

Blank regions … you might have experienced that you opened a session and it had blank regions - regions with no waveforms or sound in them. This tutorial will show you how to relink the session and the audio.

Batch Export - ABC

Export multiple Audio Book Sessions in one operation.

Top & Tail

Trim the “Top & Tail” of the region.

Use Q & W to trim


Hold Shift to only apply to region.


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