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Record & Markers

Learn how to record and set markers during an interview.
Use the gain slider to adjust the input. Rename markers.

Editing 1

Learn the layout of the editing mode. The regions, handles, counter, meter, transport bar

Editing 2

Learn basic editing. Zoom, break, cut, clear, move and fade

Editing 3

Learn editing with in & out markers. Cut, copy and paste. Rehearse and play the selection

Editing 4

Learn editing markers and using favorites. Set markers. Create a favorite clip. Insert favorite clip into session.

Session list

Add meta data to the session. Image, title, notes and keywords. 
From the session list you can choose sessions to work on.

Share Favorites

Learn how to share a clip from the Favorite list or import at clip from other Hindenburg products.

Share Sessions

Share sessions in a number of differnt ways. Computer, email, ftp, soundcloud and more …


Settings for the field recorder- Appearance, default author, audio settings, WIFI sharing …

HFR Compression

Compression is built into the field recorder. 

The compressor is easy to use. There is only one button. Add more or less compression. 


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