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My first segment

In this beginner tutorial you can follow all the step, from importing audio to the finished segment. 
It’s all done in 11 min .. so buckle up : )

Hangouts, Facetime or other

This tutorial will show you how you can record from Google Hangout, Skype, or other AoiP applications. 

If you are on Apple, then you need to install Soundflowerbed. 

For Windows, just use the built-in “record from communication device”


Help! Missing audio

Have you ever experienced opening a Hindenburg session just to find your audio is missing? Well, hopefully not. But if you have, here is a tutorial to show you how to avoid that in the future. 

Making my voice sound good!

Have you ever wondered what an equaliser did and what a compressor was. 

Have you ever had some background noise that you could not get rid of? 

In this tutorial we take a quick look at how you can improve the sound of your home recording. 

See a few goods trick for things to do … and not to do, when voice tracking. 

Recording a voice track

Arm a Track ready for Recording. Record a voice track  and correct mistakes.
See how you prepare for recording - do the recording and correct mistakes - and then export your final work. 

import from iDevice

Import sessions from Hindenburg Field Recorder from your iTunes Backup. 

Once you have Backed up your iPhone you can open sessions directly from iTunes. 

you do not need to have your iPhone connected to iTunes for this

Open sessions from iTunes

Import files from Hindenburg Field Recorder from iTunes. 

Goto Apps / File Sharing and locate the audio folder and session file

Opus & FLAC

The best audio compression algorithm right now is OPUS. Hindenburg now comes with OPUS. FLAC is an added bonus to adding OPUS. 

Please do try and export a session in OPUS and a low Bitrate and hear how amazing it really is. 

Relink Audio

Blank regions … you might have experienced that you opened a session and it had blank regions - regions with no waveforms or sound in them. This tutorial will show you how to relink the session and the audio.

Drag & Drop reordering of plugins

Sort the effects in the effects bin. 

Drag & drop the effects to any slot to re-order.

Drag viewport

Hold down Alt (Option) and move the visible area of the viewport / workspace. 

Use this to scoll in all directions. 

Click zoom to selection

Select a region. Alt (option) click on the region to have it zoom to the entre workspace. 

Resume the original zoom level by Alt (Option) clicking once more. 

Music Report

If you need to report music usage from your show, then you know that it can be a tedious job - finding all the music information and timing the usage in your show.
Now that is a problem of the past with Hindenburg Journalist PRO.


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