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My first segment

In this beginner tutorial you can follow all the step, from importing audio to the finished segment. 
It’s all done in 11 min .. so buckle up : )

Hangouts, Facetime or other

This tutorial will show you how you can record from Google Hangout, Skype, or other AoiP applications. 

If you are on Apple, then you need to install Soundflowerbed. 

For Windows, just use the built-in “record from communication device”


Record from internet

Learn to record audio coming from a browser or other application on Windows and Apple.

Faster Than Live

Live to Tape recording faster than live.

Record News with narration and clips faster than real-time. Get a Pre & Post roll of the clip and automatically continue recording. Even the levels for the clips are set while recording.

Arm linked Tracks

When recording to Linked tracks the tracks, tracks will be Armed simultaneously. 

This requires that there are individual inputs for each track. Channel 1, Channel 2 … 

To unselect at track from being armed, hold Shift and click the Arm button.  

Multitrack recording

Record on multiple tracks.
Plugin any USB microphone or audio card and begin recording on as many tracks as you like.

Recording a voice track

Arm a Track ready for Recording. Record a voice track  and correct mistakes.
See how you prepare for recording - do the recording and correct mistakes - and then export your final work. 

Lesson 3 - Record

In this lesson you will learn how to Make a track ready for recording. How to record your Voice Track and how to correct mistakes in your narration.


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