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Fades 1

Create fades and cross fades. Adjust fades on two regions at once.

Fades 2

Create fades and cross fades with shortcuts. Also make fades over multiple regions.

Fades 3 - duck

Learn how to “Duck” the music underneath the narration. Adjust “Duck” in real time.

Fades 4 - soundbed

Create a soundbed with the “Slope” function.

Lesson 4 - Volume

In this lesson you will learn how to make adjustments to the volume. If you master the three basic tools; Fade, Duck and Sounded .. then you can begin to create great sound.

Copy & Duck

You can now copy a selection with a Volume Duck on it and apply it to another selection with Shift + D

Using Shift +D without copying a selection will apply a default Duck to the selection.


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