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Learn how to use the "clipboard" to optimize your radio production workflow.

Import clipboard

Import a clipboard from other sessions

Add group to clipboard

Add new groups to the clipboard. Delete, rename or rearrange groups in the clipboard.

Add sequence to clipboard

Add a sequence of regions or clips to the clipboard. This could be your recorded voice tracks for a radio show or podcast. Select all takes and place them in sequence in the clipboard. 

Export from Clipboard

Export clips directly from the clipboard. 

This could be soundbites from a news interview or more elaborately edited clips. 

Right-Click on and choose “Export selection”. 

Faster Than Live

Live to Tape recording faster than live.

Record News with narration and clips faster than real-time. Get a Pre & Post roll of the clip and automatically continue recording. Even the levels for the clips are set while recording.

Lesson 5 - Organise

In this lesson you will learn how to organise your audio material. Some of the things we will look at i the Clipboard, how to rename clips and set markers.

Lesson 6 - Assemble

In this lesson you will learn how to assemble an audio segment. We will use the clipboard and see a number of different tricks and tips - that will speed up your work.


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