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Lesson 1 - Overview

Get at “quick” overview of the layout and possibilities you have with Hindenburg.

Lesson 2 - Basic Edit

In this lesson we will cover some of the editing basics. How do the selection tools work? What is a Region? How do I create a fade? What is the difference between cut and clear?

Lesson 3 - Record

In this lesson you will learn how to Make a track ready for recording. How to record your Voice Track and how to correct mistakes in your narration.

Lesson 4 - Volume

In this lesson you will learn how to make adjustments to the volume. If you master the three basic tools; Fade, Duck and Sounded .. then you can begin to create great sound.

Lesson 5 - Organise

In this lesson you will learn how to organise your audio material. Some of the things we will look at i the Clipboard, how to rename clips and set markers.

Lesson 6 - Assemble

In this lesson you will learn how to assemble an audio segment. We will use the clipboard and see a number of different tricks and tips - that will speed up your work.

Lesson 7 - Advanced editing

In this lesson we will take a closer look at multitrack editing. Edit on all tracks, manipulate music and learn a few new features and shortcuts.

Lesson 9 - Export, Publish & Save

Export, Publish and Save our work. We go into some details about file formats, compression, Loudness and how the Hindenburg Session format works. Some features are only present Hindenburg PRO


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