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Version 1.80 Build 2244

Fixed problem with AU plugins

AU plugins did not show in Build 2242. Sorry about that.
There are still outstanding issues with Waves Plugins. Waves are currently addressing the problem.


Fixed problem with Publish to Podigee 
Uploading to Podigee could give an Error 2007.
The problem was special characters, like æ å ø.
 This is now fixed. 


Fixed problem with popup menus  

It could happen that a pop-up menu, like plug & play or AutoUpdate, would appear when you were in another menu. This could freeze up the program.





Version 1.80 Build 2242

Fixed bugs in Publish

Libsyn and Whooshkaa should now work as before.


Repeated License Key input: 
Users with 90 day trail versions where repeatedly asked to input the license key. This is now fixed. 


Fixed AAC export:  

On Mac you could experience a crash when exporting audio files in AAC HE format.





Version 1.80 Build 2236

Windows & MacOS

Improved AAF export


MacOS only: 

  • Fixed bugs in clipboard drag'n'drop
  • Implemented new .mov import
  • Fixed support for Unicode paths
  • Fixed non-working shortcuts




Version 1.80 Build 2228

Mac 64 Bit Update 

The latest version of Mac OS Mojave requires 64 bit programs. 

With this latest version of Hindenburg, the entire program has been tweaked to support Mojave.
The 64 bit version will also run with older versions of OSX. 


Additional publish target have beed added. 

  • Podigee
  • Whooshkaa
  • Podbean


Protools fix 

Improvement of the import of ProTools sessions.



Bug fix 

Mono export of M4a has created some problems i that previous build. It’s now fixed.



Version 1.70 Build 2206

Bugs fixed 


  • Drag & Drop from clipboard
  • AAF export
  • Resume Record Enable



Drag & Drop from Clipboard

There was a bug that sometimes crashed Hindenburg when dragging a dropping a region from the clipboard. 



AAF Export

There was a bug when importing some AAF files into Protools.



Resume Record Enable

If you added a new track when a track was Record Enabled, then the connection was lost to the soundcard. You then needed to unable the track and then Record Enable it again. 


Version 1.70 Build 2204


Devil Voice - Fix

There has been a problem when exporting multiclips from the clipboard in mono. 

In this case you could experience “Devil Voice”. 



Loudness - 16 LUFS ... again. 

In Hindenburg Journalist the publish target of -16 LUFS was accidentally changed to -14 LUFS. 

It now back where it should be. 







Version 1.70 Build 2200

  • Time Stretch
  • Open Hindenburg in ProTools 
  • Open ProTools in Hindenburg
  • New Loudness Levels
  • ASIO 


Time Stretch

With Time Stretch it’s possible to make the audio slightly shorter or longer. 

This can be used to slightly adjust a Voice Track or to make changes to the segment time.

Time-Stretch in Hindenburg is reel time. No preview or rendering is necessary. You can work directly in the track and see how your final work will be. It’s also non destructive, so you can always go back to the original audio. 


Time-stretch works best for minor adjustment with -10 & +10 % 

See how it works


Open in ProTools

Save sessions in a AAF format that can be read by Protools ™


Stations using ProTools can now accept work from producers that work in Hindenburg Journalist PRO. 

With the export format AAF allows Hindenburg producers to exchange work with ProTools ™ users. 

All tracks, audio offset gain settings and fades are ready for continued production. 

See how it works



Open PT in Hindenburg

Hindenburg can now open ProTools ™ sessions. 

The formats supported are:  


  • ptx
  • ptf


This is especially useful for former ProTools users that have switched to Hindenburg. Old session can be revisited. It can also be used when collaborating with producers using ProTools.

Audio offset, gain and fades are all preserved from the original ProTools session. 


See how it works

New Loudness levels

  • -14
  • -18

-16 LUFS has been the loudness standard for podcasts for some time. As users have gained more experience with loudness over the past years, new levels have come into play.
At Hindenburg we try to limit the options to what is industry standards. The latest loudness levels are added to meet the audio market. Smart speakers like Alexa Echo are recommending -14 LUFS, slightly louder than the -16 LUFS commonly used for Podcasts. At the other end BBC are recommending -18 LUFS for there productions.  





ASIO is used for multi channel audio devices.
ASIO stands for Audio Stream Input/Output. ASIO is a sound card driver protocol used by some multi channel audio devices. Hindenburg now supports ASIO.


See how it works










Version 1.66 Build 2176

Cue points 

Mark points of interest in the Audio. The Cue Point will be locked tot he audio and not the timeline. The Cue Points will follow your edits. 


How it works

Set the playhead where you wold like to set the Cue Point. 

Select the track that houses the region in question. 


Set a Cue point by right clicking in the Timeline and choosing “Add Cue Point”



  • Windows: Alt + Ctrl + Enter
  • Mac:         Option + cmd + Enter


See how it works



-16 Loudness Normalisation- Fix

When exporting at -16 LUFS occasionally some clipping could be induced. This has been fixed.


Version 1.65 Build 2168


Fixed publish to FTP with names containing Unicode characters



Added possibility to log FTP upload


Media Plugins 

Fixed crash when loading sessions with Melda plug-ins on Windows




Version 1.65 Build 2166

Added support for 32-bit PCM files

Previously only 32-bit floating point files were supported


Added publish to Blubrry

Now possible to upload files directly to Blubrry


Fixed Skype input switching on OS X

In some cases the audio input was not switched correctly


Fixed CD import on Windows

Fixed bug introduced in earlier release



Version 1.65 Build 2160

Fixed input buffer overflow on Windows

Audio interfaces with many inputs could overflow the input buffer, causing errors and dropouts.


Fixed chapter export

Export by chapter would retain the audio format selected at the first export


Version 1.65 Build 2154

Support for multichannel WAV files

When you import a WAV file with more than 2 channels, they will now automatically be split into individual stereo/mono channels. 



Added automatic cleanup of abandoned files in the temporary audio files folder.


Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where slashes in track names resulted in misplaced files. 
Offset/truncated chapter marks when using "Export Selection"


Clipboard now accessible for the blind on Windows


Version 1.65 Build 2150


Blank regions … you might have experienced that you opened a session and it had blank regions - regions with no waveforms or sound in them. This tutorial will show you how to relink the session and the audio.


> See how it works 



Wide Orbit

It is now possible to uses the Hindenburg /Wide Orbit integration without having access to the 

Wide Orbit server. 

It is now also possible to input category name



Minor fixes 

  • "WASAPI Exclusive Mode" on Windows

  • improved support for Multi channel Audio Interfaces 


Version 1.65 Build 2146

Skype fix 

Some additional improvements to the Skype integration regarding pathing audio 



Export Chapters

It is now possible to export the time information of your Chapters.  


  • Open Chapters
  • Right - Click in the Title Bar
  • "Copy as Text"
  • Paste in your favourite text editor 


Version 1.65 Build 2138

Linked tracks 

We have made some improvements to Linked track.
Grouped regions will now behave better when trimming. 



Skype fix 

Some additional improvements to the Skype integration regarding sample rate conversion. 



Windows XP

There was a problem starting the previous build in XP. That is now fixed. 



USB hub

Fixed made in case you have a USB hub. 


Version 1.65 Build 2132

Call Recorder integration with Skype is working again:

(PRO, Broadcaster, Educator) 


We have been struggling for some time to get Skype and Hindenburg to integrate as seamlessly as they did before Skype made changes to their API. And for that we apologise.


The good new is - we have found a solution! Here is a quick brush-up on how it works: 


> see how it works


On Mac OS, part of the solution is to use a small program called Soundflower, which allows you to route any audio signal from your computer to Hindenburg. Soundflower is now installed together with the latest version of Hindenburg.


On Windows we use a built-in routing system called "Communication devices". 


Linked Tracks improvements:

(all versions)


Hindenburg has been able to link tracks for some time. We were right chuffed about that until a very talented audio editor fra NPR pointed out a number of possible improvements. So now you can Break, Edit, Trim, Fade, Crossfade, Shuffle, Insert Silence and more when tracks are linked! Thanks very talented audio editor for kicking our butts!


> see how it works


Mute Regions:

(all versions)


It is now possible to mute individual regions. This can be practical for a quick preview of a mix - or muting part of a interview. Select the region and Cmd+M (Mac) or Ctrl+M to shut him up for a second!


> see how it works


OPUS & FLAC import:

(all versions)


Hindenburg already imports a long list of formats and converts them automatically to .wav for editing. 

Recently two really good compressions formats, FLAC and OPUS, are gaining popularity, so we have added them to the list.


> see how it works


OPUS & FLAC export:

(PRO, Broadcaster, Educator)



In addition our PRO users can now export to FLAC and OPUS. We are particularly impressed with how great OPUS sounds despite extreme compression. Please do try it out - even at very, very low bitrates it sounds amazing!







Version 1.60 - build 2124

Break / split on all tracks

A few weeks back it was pointed out that slitting regions on multiple tracks back a bit cumbersome. 

So we came up with a solution. 

Split on all tracks: Alt (all tracks)  + B (Break /Split)  



Draw bug fixed

When adjusting fades on a group of multiple regions, there was a bug when rendering the graphics. 

Thanks for pointing that one out - we had not tried that. 



Publish as Podcast on Mac

For some time the option to create a new podcast publish has been missing from the publish menu. It is now back. 



Version 1.60 Build 2122

Import from iDevice

 - fixed the problem with the missing session names on import from iDevice. 



Clipboard playback

 - fixed the bug where the end of the clip looped back slightly. 


Lost files

   -imporved recovery of lost files






Version 1.60 Build 2120

Noise Reduction

 - it's powerful and simple to use. It will automatically identify not only persistent noise, but also hum and hiss, then calculate how best to reduce them. 


> see how it works




Use the Publish tool to upload audio directly to Libsyn

 With a single click you can publish to your account with the right Libsyn meta data at -16 LUFS


> see how it works



Publish at -16 LUFS 

   -16LUFS is the Loudness "Podcast Standard" used by most podcasters. The Publish tools can automatically set your loudness for your Podcast at - 16 LUFS as you Publish


> see how it works


Sierra support

- now with support for the latest Apple OSX.





Version 1.52 Build 2104

Shuffle Trim 

 - an editing feature where you can move the edit point, without breaking the edit apart. 


> see how it works



Slide audio inside a region

- is used for moving the offset time of the audio inside a region with fixed length.


> see how it works 


Add sequence to clipboard 

 - take your recorded voice tracks and place them in order in the clipboard. 

Thanks to Jeff Town for suggesting this feature.


> see how it works


Export from Clipboard

- soundbites and newsclips placed in the clipboard can now be exported from the clipboard.


> see how it works 


Version 1.52 Build 2092

Region Cut

This feature is also known as “The Lasse Edfast”. 

He was kind enough to point to a missing feature. 

The situation is that you are editing a large session with multiple tracks and edits. Everything is in Sync  - but you need to cut out a sentence. How to do this without messing up the sync. 

If only the edit only effected the region and not the entire track … 

So, with no further ado, we proudly introduce the latest Hindenburg feature “Region Cut”


>See the Tutorial






Version 1.51 Build 2090

New Feature


“Select to end” is probably the feature most wanted by audio producers.

Hindenburg has had that feature for some time - but now we have improved it. 

Now you can option click on a region and have all subsequent regions selected. 



  • Alt + Cmd + Click region (Apple) 
  • Alt + Ctrl + Click region (Windows)


 > See the Tutorial



Bug fixes 


Skype problems solved

Lets us begin by apologising for any inconvenience this bug has caused. We do realise that you are dependent on the Call Recorder recording the Skype interview, without any fallouts. 

We have been trying to find the bug for some time and we are now happy to say that we found it. 



USB Microphone stereo input

Some USB microphones did not show up in the options list as a stere device. The input selector was greyed out. This has been fixed in Build 2090



Plug & Play 

Plug & Play had a bug in build 2089. 

“Could you please remove Air Play from the plug & play list?” has been a question frequently asked. This we fixed in build 2089. Unfortunately we created a bug at the same time. 

In Build 2090 Plug & Play is restored to it’s old self - just without AirPlay.  



Version 1.51 Build 2088

New editing features have been developed based on user feedback. Here are a few of the latest additions: 


  • Snap Regions
  • Marquee selection
  • Insert Special
  • Arm linked tracks



Snap Regions

Snap regions to a point of interest; playhead, markers, end lines.. 

> See how it works



Marquee selection

Select multiple regions and tracks with the new Marquee tool.

> See how it works



Insert Special

For fast editing of overlapping audio in 2-track interviews.

> See how it works



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