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Import from iDevice

Import session created on Hindenburg Field Recorder


With Hindenburg Field Recorder on your iDevice, your are now ready to record interview at any time - anywhere

Add markers

When recording it is possible to add markers

Rename marker

Name markers for later navigation

Delete marker

Swipe to delete markers from the list

Goto marker

Tap a marker and the playhead will jump to the marker time

Add marker in Play/Edit

When editing it is possible to set new markers

Delete marker in Play/Edit

Goto next/prev marker

Use the next/previous buttons to jump to the markers


The session list gives a overview of all recordings. Add meta data to the session: name, images, notes and more.


Adjust the look and behavior of the field recorder. Appearance, default author, monitor, gain boost, wifi and more

Share with Hindenburg

Share the current session to the desktop Hindenburg products.

Send mail

Send the recording via mail

Upload to FTP

Upload the to an FTP server

Share on Soundcloud

Share you work on Soundcloud

Share on iTunes

Send a mixed down version of the session to your computer, via iTunes

Open in ...

Share a file using another program on your phone, like Dropbox ….

Add to favorites

Add a audio to the favorite clipboard. This can be used for selecting a small news sound-bite that can be sent to the radio station

Goto favorites

The Favorite list is where you can play and share your favorite audio clips.

Playback favorite

Playback audio from the Favorite list

Favorite to workspace

Add any Favorite clip to the workspace. This can be used for adding sound-bites or jingles


It is possible to share a favorite clip via mail, ftp, Soundcloud and more.

Send to computer

It is possible to send a favorite clip to the desktop version of Hindenburg

Favorite from computer

Send a audio clip from the Favorite clipboard in a Hindenburg desktop program to the iPhone app

Play audio

Playback the audio

Previous / Next

Previous and next buttons let you quickly navigate the audio

Rehearse clip

“Rehearse clip” will “skip” the selection, giving you an idea what the final edit will sound like.

Play selection

“Play selection” will play from the in marker to the out marker


Cut out parts of the interview


Copy a part of the interview for later use


Paste audio. Paste will place the copied audio on top of existing audio


Insert audio. Insert will push the copied audio into the existing audio


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