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Alt + Ctrl + MThe Markers View is the where you can see, rename and move to marker point

Markers - set new

Ctrl + EnterMarkers are used for quick navigation in the session

Markers - set 3 - 0

ctrl + 3 - 0Set the Markers 3 - 0 with the shortcut. Use the 3 - 0 keys to later navigate to the markers.

Markers - goto

3 - 0Double-click any marker in the markers list and the playhead will navigate to that point

Markers - Rename

Shift + EnterRename the markers

Markers - Renumber

Shift + EnterRenumber the markers

Markers - Delete

DeleteDelete a Marker


Alt + Ctrl + EnterMark points of interest in the Audio. The Cue Point will be locked tot he audio and not the timeline. The Cue Points will follow your edits.

Cart Chunk

Add Cart Chunk data to the ENCO file, meta data & markers such as Talk time and Segue.

RAD Markers

Right-click in timelineRAD works by podcast producers adding specific time markers (‘RAD markers') to things they want consumption data on - a story, an ad or a section.


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