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Track - effects

Open the effect bin to add effects

Track - profile

Add a Voice Profile to the track


You can add effects to you track, like equalization, compression or other effects

Effects - Equalization

An equalizer is an effect for filtering the audio. Use this to add treble og bass to the audio or remove unpleasant frequencies in the audio

Effects - Compression

Compression is used to limit the dynamic range of the audio.

Effects - Loudness meter

The EBU R-128 Loudness meter will give you a readout of the realtime loudness measurements on the current track

Effects - BBC meter

The BBC meter is true to the original meters that are traditionally used by the BBC

Effects - AU effects

Apply any AU plugin to the track

Effects - None

Remove any an effect from the effect bin

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is an effect that can help reduce noise in your audio.


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