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Chapters - overview

⌘ + Alt + HChapters are a way for the user to navigate your show. Chapter markers that can have an image and link associated.

Chapters - add new

⌘ + Shift + Enter Place the playhead at the desired position and use the shortcut to set a chapter-marker

Chapters - set image

Set a image for the Chapter

Chapters - clear image

Right-click / clear imageRemove the image from the Chapter

Chapters - rotate image left

right-click / rotate left Rotate the image left

Chapters - rotate image right

right-click / rotate rightRotate the image right

Chapters - rename

EnterRename the Chapter

Chapters - add URL

Add a hyper-link / URL to the chapter

Chapters - add URL title

Add a title to the hyper-link / URL

Chapters - export selected

Right-click / Export selectionExport a chapter as individual audio clips.

Chapters - export all

⌘ + AExport all your chapters as individual audio clips


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