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Region "Handles"

A region can be manipulated in a number of ways; gain, trim and fade.

Volume - duck

Shift + ⌘ + arrow up/down “Duck” is typically used for “ducking” music under narration. This can also be used for ambient beds or voice over

Volume - bedding

Shift + ⌘ + arrow up/down “Audio bedding” is typically used for “bedding” ambience under a narration or interview


⌘ + F“Fades” are used for making smooth transitions from one piece of audio to another - or for gently bringing in ambience or music.

Fade - slope

Shift + Drag“Fade slope” is used to make a more gradual fade.

Fade - multi regions

⌘ + F“Fade over multiple regions” is used to create a single fade over small regions. This could be ambience or edited music.

Fade - cross fade

⌘ + F“Cross Fade” is used for making a transition from one sound to another on the same track.

Fade - cross fade point

⌘ + mouse“Cross Fade point” is the cross section of the fade. It can be moved to fit the fade point better.

Fade - multitrack

⌘ + F“Multi track Fade” is used for adding the same fade for more than one track.

Selection - remove

EscClear any selection by pressing the ESC key or double-clicking in a empty area in the workspace


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