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The transport bar can be used to navigate in the audio


SpacebarThe Spacebar is used starting the playback


SpacebarThe Spacebar is used for stopping the playback

Rewind & Forward

Arrow Left & arrow rightUse the arrow keys left & right to run trough the audio

Next / Previous event

Page up & Page downJump to the next event. This could be the next splice or marker

Next / Previous region

Shift + arrow keys left & rightJump to the next region event. This shortcut will also highlight the region under the playhead

Tracks up & down

Arrow key up & downNavigate between the tracks with the up & down arrow keys

Play selection

Shift + spacebarCreate a selection and let the playback loop


Ctrl + Shift + SpacebarListen to the end result of an edit before you do the actual editing


P Preroll will set the playhead back a few seconds and playback the audio from that point

Scrub JKL

J K LScrub is a great way of navigating the audio. Run trough the audio fast or very slow.  Using Scrub is a good way to use “your ears” while editing.        Play Revers slow>    Shift +  J Play forward...


"full stop"Adjust the speed of the playback


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