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Audio editing made simple

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“After using [Hindenburg PRO] for awhile, it became more and more clear that auto-leveling is more than just clever, it’s game-changing.”


- Jeff Towne, audio tech editor, Transom.org

Hindenburg Journalist series is the audio editor tailored for spoken word and radio production. 


Freelance journalists are constantly facing broadcast industry standards for levels and sound quality.

The Hindenburg series has built-in features that automate the process of setting levels and creating equalisation. Even publishing work has been made simple. 


Home is where the studio is and if you are a podcaster, an emerging journalist or simply looking to do some audio editing at home, then the Hindenburg series is the tool for you.


Hindenburg makes audio editing fun. Get creative with the easy-to-learn interface and learn how to make professional sounding audio pieces. 


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Hindenburg Journalist

For audio storytellers, home users & emerging podcasters

Hindenburg Journalist PRO

For professional independent radio & podcast producers


Upgrade from Hindenburg Journalist to Hindenburg Journalist PRO

Hindenburg Field Recorder

For the mobile reporter.


Cross Platform

Windows 10 & Apple Big Sur

Automated Levels

Levels set on imported audio using EBU R128 loudness.


LUFS meter, EQ, Compression. VST / AU

Loudness Meter

Measure Loudness with EBU R128


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