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Audio Book Creator

Hindenburg Audio Book Creator is for creating audio books. It’s a modern tool for fast end-to-end audio production of DAISY, NLS, EPUB and standard audio books. 


The collaboration between the Danish and Norwegian libraries for the blind, the National Library Service (NLS) and Hindenburg Systems was essential for developing a tool that could meet the specifications for complex audio books and elegance in design. 


The design goal was to develop software that was flexible, efficient and intuitive. So, building on Hindenburg's renowned audio production suite, HABC represents the ideal combination of a highly intuitive interface and a sophisticated audio book production tool.

Import an e-book and read from the screen. A touch-screen can also be used to navigate audio and text.


Create a structure for a book when you have a physical book to read from.


Post-production is done in no time. Levels are automatically set for every recorded take.

Equalisation is automated from a voice profile for the narrator. 


Export the book in industry formats. The export formats are dependent on the version of HABC


  • Epub3
  • DAISY 2.02
  • Audio book
  • Audio file 


Creating audio books has never been simpler.




Hindenburg ABC

For Libraries for the Blind creating audio books in DAISY 2.02 and NLS DTB. Also export standard Audio Book and EPUB 3 formats.


Create Structure

In Hindenburg ABC you can add text items, (H1 - H2, pages, footnotes …)

Import book

Import almost any digital book into Hindenburg ABC.
The books structure will be the basis for the audio /text synchronization

Narration view

The narration view is simple and easy to learn for any narrator. The Narrations view is designed for touch screens so that there is no noise and clicks

Text Source

Get the complete control over the books structure by entering the source code.


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