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Hindenburg Audio Book Creator.
Intuitive interface for sophisticated audiobook production.
ACX Validation ensures high quality results.
- Epub3
- DAISY 2.02
- MP3 Audiobooks
30 Day Trial
A DAW made for Broadcast Radio and Podcasts.
A tool made for audio storytellers
Try Hindenburg Journalist PRO today

- automated loudness
- VoIP call recording
- 1-click Publishing



Hindenburg Journalist PRO and Hindenburg Field Recorder.



Jeff Towne, tools editor, Transom.org



"The main appeal of both versions of the software is the focus on simple solutions to the things that audio storytellers need to do. As it turns out, you can make great-sounding productions without tweaking every fade for an hour, without creating complicated mixer-routings, without stacking 17 plug-ins on every channel."



Read the full review of Hindenburg Journalist PRO here and the review of the Hindenburg Field Recorder here.


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