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30-day trial

What is Hindenburg Journalist? 

The Hindenburg Journalist series is the only audio editing system built exclusively for radio journalists and audio raconteurs. Record, edit & share stories for radio or on-demand.  


Can I try both Journalist and Journalist PRO? 

Yes. Once you have downloaded the 30-day trial you can try both Hindenburg Journalist and Hindenburg Journalist PRO


From “Registration” you can select which version you would like. At any time during the trial you can swap to another version.


What is Audio Book Creator?

Hindenburg Audio Book Creator (HABC) is for creating audio books. It’s a modern tool for fast end-to-end audio production of DAISY, NLS, EPUB and standard audio books. 


How do I get the trial?

Simply fill out the form on the left and submit. If you haven't been in contact with us before, you will be asked to confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email that we send you. Afterwards, we will email your licence information to you.


I like it, I’ll buy it!

Go to “Registration” and choose “Buy online” from within Hindenburg, or buy it from our Shop. 


Will buying the product affect my work?

No! All work you have done during the trial will still work.

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