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Hindenburg Studio

The ideal solution for narrators producing Audio books and Talking books.
Hindenburg Studio is developed for complex talking book production and commercial audio book production. Export books as Audio Book, EPUB or DAISY 2.02.

Hindenburg Studio takes the complexity of talking book production and makes it look easy.
Talking books are produced in many fashions. Some narrators read from the pages and add structure to audio later. Some create a digital structure before reading from the book. Some skip the  physical book altogether and read the book directly from the screen.
In Hindenburg ABC Studio, all of these are possible. 


  • Import eBook
  • Create Structure
  • Synchronise audio & text

Save hours in post production. Automated levels and equalisation are at the heart of Hindenburg ABC Studio. Levels are set automatically after each recording. Hindenburg is the first DAW that has Loudness integrated. This way levels are set to optimal professional standards for talking book production.
Audio editing is also easy to do. Hindenburg ABC Studio has all the tools you would expect from a professional DAW. 
Equalisation is important for post production. With the built-in Voice Profiler, intelligent personalised settings can be created for individual narrators.


  • Auto levels (Loudness EBU R128) 
  • Auto EQ (Voice Profiler)

Exporting talking books requires attention to detail. Hindenburg has developed its tools in collaboration with the talking book community in order to export books to the highest standards within Audio Book, DAISY 2.02 and EPUB 3.

  • Audio Book 
  • EPUB 3
  • DAISY 2.02





Import book

Import almost any digital book into Hindenburg ABC.
The books structure will be the basis for the audio /text synchronization

Create Structure

In Hindenburg ABC you can add text items, (H1 - H2, pages, footnotes …)

Narration view

The narration view is simple and easy to learn for any narrator. The Narrations view is designed for touch screens so that there is no noise and clicks

Automated Levels

Levels set on imported audio using EBU R128 loudness.











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