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Voice Profiler

What is it? 

The Voice Profiler is an automated Equalizer. 

Equalization is the art of making voices more prominent in the mix. 

An equalizer will boost or cut audio frequencies (Low, Mid, High). 


Why do I need it? 

Creating consistent sound is difficult. In an ideal world you need a reference studio where you can control the sound. On top of that you need to know how to use an equalizer. So basic knowledge of filters, frequencies and Q-points.

If you are working on a laptop computer in an environment outside a studio, you have no references and can therefor not make a equalization.  



How does it work?

The Voice profiler applies a generic equalization (EQ) based on multiple samples of great radio voices. 

The Voice Profiler compares your current narration recording to the reference radio sound and creates an equalization. 


Why go PRO

Hindenburg Journalist PRO has a VoiceProfiler that can create your personal sound profile. 

Match your current recording to your best sounding and let the Voice Profiler calculate the ideal eq filter. Amazingly easy to use. 





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