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Multitrack Recording

Multitrack recording lets you record on more than one track at a time e.g recording two microphones in the studio. 


Add a multi-input soundcard to your computer and choose channels you would like to record from. Channel 1, Channel 2 …


Plug & Play also works with multichannel as previously in the Hindenburg Series.

Plug in any USB microphone or microphones and begin recording.


Recording “Live to tape” and need to add a Skype call?

You can do that. While recording you can add a Skype call. 

The Skype call will be recorded on a new track. Hang up the Skype™  call and continue the studio recording.


Record from the internet and trough a microphone at the same time. 


The monitoring system lets you select which tracks you would like to monitor in your headphones while recording.




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