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Magic Levels

Magic levels is a non destructive feature that can help you with a number of mixing problems. Fix the following problems with a single click.

Adaptive levels
This will set adaptive loudness normalisation to the region. Useful if you have a recording with uneven levels. 


Auto Mix 

Selects two regions to have them mixed in a way that the levels are aware of one another.
This will make sure that the person talking stands out in the mix. 



Bleed is the phenomenon where sound travles from your microphone into the guest microphones. This can result in unpleasant sound.
De-Bleed is a feature in Magic Levels that can mix the audio in a way that the Bleed is reduced.  


Auto Duck
Auto-ducking is a features typically known from music radio, where the DJ needs the music to “duck” underneath the DJ voiceover.
Selects the music and voice regions and see the Magic Levels do it’s magic.


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