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Loudness normalization

Loudness is becoming the standard measurement method for audio levels in professional radio and podcasting.


The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has set a standard of -23 LUFS for all broadcasts in the EU.


NPR, PRSS and APM have agreed on a suggested standard level of -24 LUFS, which is being widely supported by other distribution systems like PRX


For podcasts and online content, there is a growing consensus around a Podcast Standard Loudness level of -16 LUFS.


The Hindenburg PRO and HABC series includes the option to normalize your merged/bounced session to these standards during export. You can even Publish to multiple Loudness standards at the same time by with the Publish tool.


In Hindenburg Journalist, you can now choose to add Loudness Normalisation to the Podcast standard of -16 LUFS in your Publish tool presets.




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