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“Faster-than-Live” is a unique feature that allows you to compile live-to-tape programs, well...Faster-than-live!


It is actually possible to put together e.g. a news program, faster than realtime recording.


While recording your voicers to knit your news program together, you can quickly add a new clip or segment from your clipboard using shortcuts.


Hindenburg will play back the first and last seconds (Pre- & Post roll) of the inserted audio then allow you to continue recording the next voicer without skipping a beat.


The voicers will even get automatically leveled to your target Loudness level as you record.


Making a news program was never this fast and efficient.


> see tutorial




Voicer 1:          00:22

Actuality 1       00:37

Voicer 2:          00:21

Actuality 2       00:44

Voicer 3:          00:11

Actuality 3       00:35

Voicer 4:          00:37

Actuality 4       00:42

Voicer 5:          00:21


Total time:       04:30





Voicer 1:          00:22

Actuality 1       00:07 (Pre-Post Roll) 

Voicer 2:          00:21

Actuality 2       00:07 (Pre-Post Roll)

Voicer 3:          00:11

Actuality 3       00:07 (Pre-Post Roll)

Voicer 4:          00:37

Actuality 4       00:07 (Pre-Post Roll)

Voicer 5:          00:21


Total time:       02:20

Saved time:     02:10


Other Features

Automated Levels

Levels set on imported audio using EBU R128 loudness.


Publish audio to preset destinations FTP, PRX, NPRone

Voice Profiler PRO

Automated EQ that matches your ideal vocal sound.

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