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Auto Level

What does it do?

When you import audio, Hindenburg sets the correct level for that clip. This ensures that all of your audio is leveled accordingly for a balanced mix.


What is it for?

Setting correct levels on audio is tricky, and there is no real rule of thumb. Setting levels on compressed pop music is entirely different from levels on classical music. Add narration and real sound and finding the right balance can take a lot of working hours. 


How does it work?

When you drag audio into Hindenburg it is analyzed, and adjusted to the correct levels. The levels are set using the latest development in audio measuring: EBU R128 Loudness - 23 LUFS 

Hindenburg Journalist PRO also has a US setting that follows PRSS recommendations


Hindenburg is designed to tell the difference between Narration and Music. For the best possible mix, Narration is set slightly “hotter” than the music.


Will loudness work for me? 

Yes. Loudness resembles the current broadcast radio levels for radio features, talk radio etc.  

PRSS / NPR have now made guidelines for loudness production and delivery. Hindenburg Journalist PRO has a US setting that is optimised for the PRSS standard -24 LUFS.


EBU R128 Loudness



Why Loudness?

Measuring sound levels using Loudness originally derives from TV production (the louness war). For a long time TV levels were all over the place. The user found herself turning the television levels up and down depending on whether she was watching a movie, the news or commercials. 


Using the human ear

As opposed to measuring only the peaks, Loudness measures how the sound is perceived by the human ear.

So, in the case of implementing Loudness to TV, a movie and a commercial break would be perceived as equally loud.


Why use EBU R128?

The European Broadcast Union have spent the last years developing a Loudness standard called EBU R128

This is currently being implemented in broadcast radio and television.

In US PRSS (NPR Distribution) have released a officially loudness  standard at -24 LUFS. This setting can be found in Hindenburg Journalist PRO.  








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