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24-bit depth

Import 24 bit files

When importing audio Hindenburg Journalist PRO will automatically convert 24-bit recordings to 16 bit audio files. 



24-bit sessions

Work with high quality sound. 

Import, record, edit and export in 24 bit with Hindenburg Journalist PRO




What can 24-bit do?

24-bit dynamic range gives you 44dB more headroom. 

The additional headroom reduces risk of clipping. 24-bit editing also provides a greater separation between the recorded audio and the noise floor. 


- 16-bit resolution allows for a dynamic range of  96 dB. 

- 24-bit resolution allows for a dynamic range of 144 dB.


Keep in mind…

Recording in 24-bit resolution will take up approximately 50% more storage space!

recordings to the correct session format for editing.







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