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International Podcast Day 2021

Update 30th September 2021:

International Podcast Day Sale is on - ends at 23:59 Hawaii time - Mahalo!


24-Hour Sale Ends September 30, 2021 @ 11:59 pm Hawaii!


Get yours while you can!

Thursday, September 30th 2021



#InternationalPodcastDay celebrates the power and impact of podcasting around the world.


Podcasting gives people from all walks of life an unprecedented opportunity to tell their stories to a global audience.


What could be more relevant today than staying connected?


Get involved! 


Attend Hindenburg’s FREE International Podcast Day webinars!



Webinar: “An Introduction To The Language Of Podcasting”


Hindenburg trainers breakdown and contextualise today's most popular podcast narrative formats.


Leave this 1-hour Hindenburg live training equipped with a basic technical understanding of how to record, edit, and publish a podcast.


Date: 30th September 2021




04:00 am (Los Angeles)
07:00 am (New York)
01:00 pm (London)
07:00 pm (Berlin)
09:00 pm (Melbourne)


Sign up for this event or get more details



Webinar: “Una Introducción Al Lenguaje Del Podcasting


Duración: 1 hora


Descripción: Los instructores de Hindenburg contextualizan y desmenuzan los formatos más populares de audio narrativo.


Saldrás de esta formación de una hora de Hindenburg en vivo conocimiento técnico básico de cómo grabar, editar y publicar un podcast.


Fecha: 30 de Septembre de 2021




10:00 am (Los Angeles)

12:00 pm (Quito/Peru)

01:00 pm (New York)

07:00 pm (Spain)

03:00 am (Melbourne, 1st October 2021)


Regístrese para este evento u obtenga más detalles



Here at Hindenburg, it is all about the story.


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