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COVID-19: free WFH licences for organisations.

UPDATE 19th March 2021: COVID-19 OFFER EXTENDED AGAIN (can we please get this thing under control soon?)


Hindenburg has offered free 3-month "Work from home" licences to organisations since March 2020 in an effort to help you cope with the restrictions COVID-19 has imposed.


Once again we have had to accept that while we are still optimistic that 2021 will bring some form of "resolution" to the COVID-19 pandemic for some areas of the world, it is  clear that this is going to go on for a long while yet, particularly in regions with lower income and less access to vaccinations.


Hindenburg will therefore continue to offer 3-month "work from home" licences until 31st August 2021 to organizations and educational institutions. We will review the situation then.


As vaccinations are succesfully rolled out in higher-income regions, we may start restricting the offer to parts of the world that are not that fortunate, but that is still an idea.


Like everyone, we are trying to roll with the punches in order to help as many as possible get their stories out, without being brought to our knees.


Our wish is for you, your loved ones, and your colleagues to all remain safe and healthy during these challenging times.


Administrators kindly click here to register your organization.


For posterity:




While we are hopeful that 2021 will bring a "resolution" to COVID-19, it is immediately clear that this pandemic will get worse before it gets better.


As such, Hindenburg will again offer 3-month licences from 3rd Dec 2020 until 1st March 2021 to "work-from-home" staff for organizations and educational institutions.


Our wish is for you, your loved ones, and your colleagues to all remain safe and healthy during these challenging times.


For posterity:


UPDATE 1st July 2020: COVID-19 OFFER ENDED 30th JUNE 2020


In the period March to June 2020 we provided 300 universities, non-profits and commercial companies with free access to 1500 temporary licences in order to help them transition to the new normal of the global Covid-19 pandemic.


We hope that this little contribution allowed you to adjust to the new conditions that we expect will continue for at least another 12 months.



For posterity:


UPDATE 1st May 2020: COVID-19 OFFER EXTENDED to 30th JUNE 2020


We hope that you, your loved ones and your colleagues are all safe and healthy in what is a very challenging time for many organisations and educational institutions.


In March this year we offered free 3-month licences to help you and your staff "work-from-home" in response to the restrictions Covid-19 has imposed on us all.


Originally that offer was to expire at the end of April, but we later extended that to the end of May as it became apparent that this was going to be a problem for longer that hoped.


It seems that was overly optimistic.


Hindenburg is therefore extending our offer again for another month.


All companies, organisations and institutions can apply for free 2-month licences for all your home-bound staff, students and volunteers (terms apply). This also includes any organisation that requested licences early and who may have some of the 3-month licences expiring soon.


This offer includes both Hindenburg Broadcaster/Educator and HABC Studio licences.


This offer is open to all organisations, whether you are a current customer or not, but we reserve the right to withdraw the offer without explanation.


As non-exhaustive examples, any organisation espousing violence or exclusion based on heritage, gender or race will not be considered eligible. Any organisation promoting unscientific or incorrect information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic will not be considered eligible.


We hope this will contribute towards helping your school keep teaching or your organisation continue operating during the Covid-19 pandemic and promote social distancing through home-working.


Please note that we are a small company, so please be patient after you fill in your form, we will provide access to the licences as fast as humanly possible.


Please provide your details in this COVID-19 Temp User Licences Form and we will provide access to the licences and related material as soon as we can process them.


Stay safe and distant.

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