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Free Podcasting Conference on May 25th 2021

Tuesday, 25th May 2021 


AirShip One Podcasting Conference


Brought To You By Hindenburg



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Eric Nuzum: The Myths of Podcasting


Session Time:

08:00 am (Los Angeles)
10:00 am (Chicago)
11:00 am (New York)
04:00 pm (London)
05:00 pm (Berlin)




Sally Herships: How to Write for the Ear and with Tape


Session Time: 

09:00 am (Los Angeles)

11:00 am (Chicago)
12:00 pm (New York)
05:00 pm (London)
06:00 pm (Berlin)



Dan Hughley / Kody Standridge: Creating a Unique Identity for Your Podcast with Royallty-Free Music 


Session Time: 

10:30 am (Los Angeles)

12:00 pm (Chicago)
01:30 pm (New York)
06:30 pm (London)
07:30 pm (Berlin)



Tatjana Lukáš: Are You Powerfully Prepared To Build a Successful Podcast Brand? 


Session Time: 

11:30 am (Los Angeles)

01:30 pm (Chicago)
02:30 pm (New York)
07:30 pm (London)
08:30 pm (Berlin) 


Alban Brooke: Buzzsprout - Podcasting 101: Get Your Podcast Online and Into Directories


Session Time:

01:00 pm (Los Angeles)

03:00 pm (Chicago)
04:00 pm (New York)
09:00 pm (London)
10:00 pm (Berlin)


Tom Webster: The Audience Is In Control


Session Time: 

02:00 pm (Los Angeles)

04:00 pm (Chicago)
05:00 pm (New York)
10:00 pm (London)
11:00 pm (Berlin)


To register or get more details




Free Special Event:

Brought To You By Hindenburg


Seven industry experts share personal insights and experiences to help you navigate the four critical stages of podcasting.


May 25th 2021 
Six Hard-Hitting Sessions. One Day. Limited Seats. No Replays.
40% off Hindenburg promocodes for attendees ... 


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Hindenburg presents a free day of relevant and actionable inspiration to help you develop your podcasting skills.


Join us for six sessions of deep insights into the four major phases of podcast development.,


Phase 1: Considerations before you start


“The Myths of Podcasting” What used to work no longer works. How to avoid podcast format pitfalls and how to increase your likelihood of success.


Presented by Eric Nuzum, co-founder of indy podcasting house Magnificent Noise and creator of chart-topping podcasts for over 16 years. Regular “best of” lister, award winner and generator of hundreds of millions of downloads.


“The Power of Preparation” In-depth planning helps you build a successful podcast brand. A concrete description of how to build a thriving brand with a laugh and a smile - no joke.


Presented by Tatjana Lukáš, Co-founder podcastwelt.at, Creator, Host and Producer of Drama Carbonara podcast, Managing Editor at FJUM Podcast Institute and Founder of Happy House.



Phase 2: Preparing to produce your story
“How to write for the ear and with tape” A fundamental challenge of audio storytelling is that writing for the ear is very different from writing for the eye. Try to read a newspaper article out loud for your partner and see how long they stay focused.


Presented by Sally Herships: Award-winning freelance audio journalist, Founder of Radio Bootcamp, Audio Program Director at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Regular host and story contributor to many popular podcasts.


Phase 3: Producing your story

“Creating a Unique Identity for Your Podcast with Royalty-Free Music” A free solution to the Classic problem: how to legally add music to your podcast?


Presented by Dan Hughley (Sen. Marketing Manager) & Kody Standridge (Product Specialist) from Focusrite love making podcasts and music. Both are certified Audio Engineers from the Musicians Institute too.


Phase 4: Getting your story to your audience

“Podcasting 101: Get Your Podcast Online and Into Directories” a hand-held explanation of the technical steps and processes of getting your podcast distributed once you have made it. Rounded off with marketing strategies to get your first 100 podcast listeners.


Presented by Alban Brooke: Head of Marketing at Buzzsprout and Host of “How to Start a Podcast.” Since 2014 Alban has helped over 100,000 people launch their own podcast through Buzzsprout.


“The Audience Is In Control.” The most comprehensive wisdom available on podcast audiences, where to find new listeners and how audience-driven podcasts have the best chance for success.


Presented by Tom Webster: Senior VP at Edison Research, has studied and quantified podcast listening for 16 years. He is a global-leader in consumer media usage research & co-author of the podcast industry’s data bibles; Podcast Consumer Tracker, Share of Ear and The Infinite Dial.


Brought To You By Hindenburg in association with Focusrite and Buzzsprout.


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