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December Webinars and Workshops


“The Art, Science and Technology of Podcasting"

Short description of International Podcasting Day events


Webinar: “Introduction to the language of podcasting”

Duration: 1 hour


Experienced Hindenburg trainers will contextualise the concepts, formats and processes behind recording, editing, and publishing a podcast to make each production challenge more meaningful and manageable for you.




Workshop 1: “In a few words - framing your podcast”


Duration: 2,5 hours


You’ve got great stories to tell, but don’t feel confident that you know enough about podcasting forms and workflows to get your message out? The process of creating, recording, editing, and publishing a podcast can seem daunting… but it doesn’t have to be!


This hands-on workshop will provide a framework to understand the forms and tools of podcasting to help get you started.




Workshop 2 “More than words - riveting audio!” 

Duration: 3 hours


High audio quality is key to keeping listeners engaged! If you are ready to take the quality of your audio and production process to the next level, don't miss out on this deep-dive workshop.


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Attend Our Next Live Training ...


Podcasting gives people from all walks of life an unprecedented opportunity to tell their stories to a global audience.


What could be more relevant today than staying connected by sharing stories while we self-isolate and social distance?


Connect with our world-class trainers and storytellers from around the world virtually on our next free hands-on podcasting live training.


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Workshop 2 “More than words - riveting audio!”


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Date:  29th December 2020




2 pm (Honolulu)
4 pm (Los Angeles)
6 pm (Chicago)
7 pm (New York)
11am (Melbourne - 30th December 2020)



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