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COVID-19: free licences for organisations



We hope that you, your loved ones and your colleagues are all safe and healthy in what is a very challenging time for many organisations and educational institutions.


As it becomes clear how unprepared some areas of the world are to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in the short term, we at Hindenburg feel we need to extend a greater helping hand to all, not just our current customers.


Hindenburg is therefore now offering all companies, organisations and institutions free 3-month licences for all your home-bound staff, students and volunteers (terms apply).


This offer includes both Hindenburg Broadcaster/Educator and HABC Studio licences.


This offer is open to all organisations, whether you are a current customer or not, but we reserve the right to withdraw the offer without explanation if we feel your organisation is not a part of the solution (yes, totally subjective).


As non-exhaustive examples, any organisation espousing violence or exclusion based on heritage, gender or race will not be considered eligible. Any organisation promoting unscientific or incorrect information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic will not be considered eligible.


We hope this will contribute towards helping your school keep teaching or your organisation continue operating during the Covid-19 pandemic and promote social distancing through home-working.


Please note that we are a small company, all in forced isolation due to the lockdown here in Denmark, so please be patient after you fill in your form, we will provide access to the licences as fast as humanly possible.


Please provide your details in this COVID-19 Temp User Licences Form and we will provide access to the licences and related material as soon as we can process them.
Stay safe and distant.

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