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The latest news and updates

New Features

  • Time Stretch
  • Open Hindenburg in ProTools 
  • Open ProTools in Hindenburg
  • New Loudness Levels
  • ASIO 


Time Stretch

With Time Stretch it’s possible to make the audio slightly shorter or longer. 

This can be used to slightly adjust a Voice Track or to make changes to the segment time.

Time-Stretch in Hindenburg is reel time. No preview or rendering is necessary. You can work directly in the track and see how your final work will be. It’s also non destructive, so you can always go back to the original audio. 


Time-stretch works best for minor adjustment with -10 & +10 % 

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Open in ProTools

Save sessions in a AAF format that can be read by Protools ™


Stations using ProTools can now accept work from producers that work in Hindenburg Journalist PRO. 

With the export format AAF allows Hindenburg producers to exchange work with ProTools ™ users. 

All tracks, audio offset gain settings and fades are ready for continued production. 

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Open PT in Hindenburg

Hindenburg can now open ProTools ™ sessions. 

The formats supported are:  


  • ptx
  • ptf


This is especially useful for former ProTools users that have switched to Hindenburg. Old session can be revisited. It can also be used when collaborating with producers using ProTools.

Audio offset, gain and fades are all preserved from the original ProTools session. 


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New Loudness levels

  • -14
  • -18

-16 LUFS has been the loudness standard for podcasts for some time. As users have gained more experience with loudness over the past years, new levels have come into play. 
At Hindenburg we try to limit the options to what is industry standards. The latest loudness levels are added to meet the audio market. Smart speakers like Alexa Echo are recommending -14 LUFS, slightly louder than the -16 LUFS commonly used for Podcasts. At the other end BBC are recommending -18 LUFS for there productions.  





ASIO is used for multi channel audio devices.
ASIO stands for Audio Stream Input/Output. ASIO is a sound card driver protocol used by some multi channel audio devices. Hindenburg now supports ASIO.


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