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Skype workaround

-  for Hindenburg Journalist PRO, Broadcaster and Educator


Edit 10th Feb 2017:

Hindenburg is again compatible with the latest version of Skype. The article section related to that problem has been moved to the bottom of this and is no longer relevant.


However the process described below can still be used for recording audio from your computer and browser. This makes it possible to make 2-track recordings of e.g. Google Hangouts calls.


This is how you do it: 



Windows has a feature called “communication dev”. This allows programs, such as Hindenburg, to record audio coming from applications like Skype and Google Hangouts. 


It is simple to use. From the record input menu in Hindenburg, choose “Communication Dev”. 

Now you call up on Skype or Google Hangouts and record the conversation. 


Here is a detailed video tutorial showing how to do this



Mac OS & SoundFlower  

To record sound from a Browser, YouTube, Google Hangouts or other audio source on Apple computers, you need SoundFlower. 


SoundFlower will route sound from one program to another. In this case from Skype to Hindenburg.


In Skype you set up the outgoing sound to “Soundflower 2ch” 


In Hindenburg, select a track for Skype audio - select “Soundflower 2ch”.


Here is a detailed video tutorial showing how to do this.



Google Hangouts 

The same process can be used to call up from Google Hangouts. Set the output in Google Hangouts to “Soundflower 2ch”


We are working on permanent solution for recording calls directly from the Call Recorder, but for now we hope this workaround will do the trick. 



No longer relevant:


Skype/Microsoft  have been making improvements and changes to there software. The latest updates have made Skype even more intuitive and robust. 


Unfortunately this has broken the way Skype communicates with third party software like Hindenburg. 


Software programs communicate through API’s. A set of rules in the API lets one software program use features in another program. In our case, Hindenburg Journalist PRO, Broadcaster and Educator were able to dial a Skype contact and record the conversation from within our Call Recorder.


Unfortunately, as Skype/Microsoft made changes to other parts of their software, the API that allows third parties to communicate with them was not kept up-to-date.


We hope that they will do so in the future. But for now we need a workaround. 



/ Hindenburg team


 Friday, 16 December 2016




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