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Voice Profiler PRO

Create your personal sound profile. 

The Voice Profiler will match your current voice recording to reference sound. 

The reference sound could be a recording of yourself that has previously been on air - or a recording done in a professional studie. 

If you are working with a radio station, then they might help you with a reference recording. It need not be more that 30 seconds. 


Why do I need it? 

Creating consistent sound is difficult. 

In an ideal world we all will have reference studios at home. A studio that does not color the sound. From here we could produce sound that would be audible in the car, in the kitchen or the living room. 

But most of us don’t have a professional studio at home. So we try and make the best sound possible with the tools we have. 

The problem is, that the audio produces on our computer speakers or headphones might not sound that good in your listeners car or kitchen. 

So you need a reference sound …. 

This is where the Voice Profiler comes in. It can learn from a selected piece of audio. Preferably something that hase already been on air. 

The next time you record your voice you can apply the VoiceProfiler. Now you (or Hindenburg Journalist PRO) has a reference to your ideal sound. A EQ filter will now be applied to match your desired sound. 


Is it complicated? 


It is incredibly easy to use.  One click and it’s done.


But I don’t have a Profile!

The Voice Profiler can apply a generic equalization (EQ) based on multiple samples of great radio voices. 

The Voice Profiler compares your current voice track to the reference “radio sound” and creates an equalization. 

This can also be applied to guests in your show. 


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