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1-Click Podcast

Once you have finished mixing a show for your podcast, you need to upload it. 


Traditionally this has been done by using file converters, external FTP programs and RSS maintenance programs. All this might be slightly off-putting if you just want to make a great podcast. 


With Hindenburg Journalist you only need to make the setup once, and then you can publish your podcast with a single click. 


How does it work?

Upload Podcast or enhanced Podcast.
Add settings (host details, show details, RSS details and file formats, Loudness levels etc.)



Publish directly to your Libsyn account



Publish directly to your Soundcloud account 



-16 LUFS is the Loudness "Podcast Standard" used by most podcasters. The Publish tools can automatically set your loudness for your Podcast at - 16 LUFS as you Publish. 


Multiple accounts

If you have more than one show, you can set up multiple Podcast accounts. 


When you have produced a new show simply select the desired podcast account  and click Publish.





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