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The NPR Correspondent

Kelly MeEvers spent three years as NPR's international correspondent, based in Beirut & Baghdad. In 2011 she travelled undercover to report on the "Arab Spring" uprisings. 


What stories are you interested in?

"Ways for human beings to bear out the larger policy or debates that are going on either internationally or nationally. For a long time I covered the conflict in Syria and tried - it didn't always work - to take the complicated conflict on the ground and try to make it simple by just telling stories.


So I was always on the lookout for people and characters  who - by just telling their own personal story from start to finish - help people in the U.S. better understand what was going on there."


How do you find using Hindenburg as an international correspondant?

"There were many times when I would enter a country undercover, without any recording equipment whatsoever, except my iPhone. For an entire year, I was sneaking into countries where I wasn't welcome.

The only way for me to do my job was to do it on an iPhone and the only software that I was willing to use was Hindenburg Field Recorder."  


Final verdict: 

"The entire first year of the arab uprisings in 2011, I think that if I hadn't used Hindenburg, my coverage wouldn't have been the same."

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